Provide Healing, Health, Homes for NYC's Kittens

At this critical time, your tax-deductible gift will save lives through basic veterinary care.

Provide Healing, Health, Homes for NYC's Kittens A Project of New York City Feral Cat Initiative

Helping NYC's Most Vulnerable Kittens

This summer we have seen a tremendous surge in the number of kittens born on our city streets and entering our shelters. The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, our partner rescue groups, and individual Certified TNR Caretakers, have all been overwhelmed by the medical costs and resources required to care for entire litters of kittens in preparation for adoption.

In addition to standard vaccinations and spay/neuter, in many cases these kittens are presenting with various treatable ailments, such as ringworm and upper respiratory or ear infections. Though treatable, each of these conditions requires medication, extended boarding at veterinary facilities, and at times isolation to prevent the spread of disease. Additionally, even healthy kittens must reach a standard age and weight before they can be safely spayed or neutered and adopted. As a result, by the end of July, the Alliance had nearly depleted our available funds for emergency medical care this summer…and the season is far from over.

How Does Your Donation Help?

A program of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, the NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI) provides vital training, services, and support for Certified TNR Caretakers throughout New York City. Your one-time or recurring tax-deductible contribution to the NYCFCI Medical Fund will help the Alliance continue to respond to emergency cases for NYC's cats and kittens at this critical time. A $15 donation can cover one kitten's much-needed booster shots, which will protect him or her from illness for years to come.

Donate today, and your contribution will:

  • $15 – Vaccinate one kitten prior to adoption
  • $43 – Treat a kitten's upper respiratory infection with a course of antibiotics
  • $217 – Cover the total average cost to rescue one kitten from the streets/li>
  • $550 – Provide basic medical care and boarding for an entire, healthy litter prior to adoption

Our partner rescue groups and Certified TNR Caretakers will save the lives of thousands of NYC cats and kittens this year. Your donation can help the Alliance provide continued medical care for community cats, supporting and strengthening the life-saving efforts of our dedicated community collaboration.

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