The Alliance's Wheels of Hope Are Rolling to Help Hurricane Harvey & Irma Pets

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Update: Friday, September 8, 2017

As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida, with expected landfall this weekend, accompanied by widespread devastation to the state, thousands of residents have evacuated the area, as thousands more are currently en route to safer ground. Simultaneously, local and national rescue organizations are hard at work evacuating animals from shelters throughout the region to get them to safety before this monstrous hurricane makes its deadly landfall.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals is working with our rescue partners to provide safe transport for Florida's shelter evacuees, just as we have been working over the past week to help Texas's animal refugees find their way to safe havens in the Northeast. Collaborating with groups orchestrating rescue runs from Texas and Florida is a major endeavor for us, but we gladly accept the challenge and look forward to assisting the dedicated and courageous organizations and individuals who share our mission to save lives.

Driving Texas Animals to Safety in the Northeast

(Photo by Krista Menzel)As Texas continues to deal with the aftermath and devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals stands ready to assist.

"Our hearts are heavy as we watch the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the devastation in the South," said Jane Hoffman, President of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. "While we don't have the resources or manpower to put our boots on the ground, we can provide anyone helping in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort free animal transport via our Wheels of Hope transport program."

The Alliance's Wheels of Hope transport fleet, consisting of five dedicated vehicles designed specifically for animal transport, is standing ready to assist our shelter partners in transporting animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey to receiving shelters, foster homes, and other destinations within a seven-hour radius of New York City. The fleet, which moves animals out of Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) nearly 365 days per year to partner rescue groups and shelters, is prepared to transport Texas shelter pets on part of their journey to the Northeast.

Help support our transport relief efforts here in the Northeast. Please donate to help us pay for gas, tolls, and our drivers so that we can help as many displaced Texas shelter pets as possible.

Ways New Yorkers Can Help Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Efforts

Donate Funds

Donating money is the best way to make an effective, immediate difference during a disaster, since it allows organizations to buy exactly the supplies they need, when they need them. Make online donations to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, Humane Society of the United States, or regional organizations in the hurricane-affected area, including Austin Pets Alive!, Gulf Coast Humane Society, Houston Humane Society, Houston SPCA, Humane Society of Southeast Texas, and Wildlife Center of Texas.

Donate Supplies

Organizations working in Texas are in need of supplies to rescue and care for animals in the disaster zone. Please read our blog article for information on how to send supply donations to these organizations.

Stay Informed

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